In Defense of Dork Writers

image_545421190452552I hate technology,  and I love it.  Mostly I hate that I am on the low end of a learning curve playing catch up with my computer as the young geniuses on the high end of the curve keep advancing the science, raising the bar ever higher beyond my reach.  I opened my blog last night; one of those nights I had trouble sleeping; thought I might write something or read another’s inspiring post.

And there it was.  The picture I thought was so cute, of my dog at my Mac in deep thought as she is about to type her next sentence. The title of my post was “Doggone Writer.” So clever, and she is such a beautiful chihuahua mix, surely I will get a like or comment on this one.  It is gratifying to throw your stuff out there and know that someone reads it, likes it, or thinks it sucks, or better yet, takes a moment to comment. Constructive criticism and difference of opinion can generate interesting dialog. Two views, two likes, no comment…and then I noticed it.

The title was shorter, not “Doggone Writer,” but “Dork Writer.”  Too clever to be accidental on my part,  this was blatant intrusion.  It is disturbing that someone can move into my blog and alter the text.  I have been called a dork before, mostly by my daughters; the students in my Sunday school class probably think I am a dork when I try to liven up the lessons by doing silly accents with my voice.  They are too kind to comment negatively and usually laugh at the right places. In my years of public school teaching no one ever commented on my dorkiness, at least to my face.  I am not offended to be called a dork writer.  I like it better than “dark writer.”  Certainly it is preferable to boring writer, bitter writer, sleazy writer, sucky writer or ghost writer. I am who I am and take credit or blame for my own words.

There are some excellent writers and artists who publish on WordPress.  I enjoy reading their posts as much as writing my own.  In the few months I’ve been doing this I feel like I have connected to some like minded dorks and writers. I am also in awe of them; how well they write, their unique perceptions of life, and their creativity.  These writers are pushing me forward, challenging me to find my own voice as they have found theirs.

So I will continue on the path to dorkdom.  An old dork looking for new tricks. At least the person who got in my blog, and I would love to hear from you, opened it up and maybe read it.













I am thankful to technology, even though I hate you, and to WordPress for letting me be dorky without judgment.



2 thoughts on “In Defense of Dork Writers

  1. Ha! I like it; Dork writers of the world unite, i am new to the blogging life myself too, i’ve been cracking on since January 2nd, and can’t seem to stop, not that I want to either. It’s becoming an integral part of my life and I like you, wish to improve my writing and ultimately complete my novel!
    Keep on going, and the followers and comments will come i’m sure, i’ve hardly any and sometimes feel i’m talking to no one in particular but so what, it entertains me, and maybe, it may entertain others.

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