The Trees are Talking. Shush, Listen!


“Trees can experience something like pain.  When a tree is cut, it sends electrical signals like wounded human tissue.” (p.54)
From now on, when I see a stump or damaged tree I will feel compassion and a desire to hug him/her as I would a wounded animal. I love reading material that changes my thinking and opens my mind to other realities. “The Whispering of the Trees” by Richard Grant is an article in the March 2018 issue of the SMITHSONIAN magazine. He writes about Peter Wohlleben, a German scientist who has extensive knowledge, respect, and devotion for the subject of trees. I want to read his book, THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES: WHAT THEY FEEL, HOW THEY COMMUNICATE. I loved Grant’s article with gorgeous photos by Diana Markosian. The photo on my blog is by my brother Cliff.  The cottonwoods seem to be conferencing on the Bosque of the Rio Grande in Bernallilo, New Mexico, perhaps complaining about the exceptionally dry weather this past fall.  They may be justifiably concerned about forest fires, a sad consequence of a mild winter with limited snowfall in the mountains.


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