From My Kitchen Window

I am on a quest. I sit behind Don Quixote and Sancho waiting for them to lead me somewhere as I look out over my computer screen. I look down and see them looking forward across the pond and deserted golf course…4th hole , par 5. Before the property went belly up into bankruptcy, I watched parades of golfers go by. Heard their victory shouts when the ball sunk into the hole; watched them searching for it when it missed its mark; retrieved it once or twice if it landed near me while I was watering the roses. I tossed it back across, and someone was delighted to have it…what makes those small balls so important? Don’t mean to be snarky or facetious, but what is the meaning of golf, anyway? Don Quixote has been watching it for several years and I wonder what he thinks.


Photo on 2-12-18 at 8.57 AMI follow Don Quixote and Sancho from my kitchen window.  They are on a quest and I am right behind them traveling the world on my Mac or typing my own world into existence.  My father was fascinated by Cervantes’ strange and skinny hero who traveled the Spanish countryside righting wrongs and rescuing maidens. When dad passed he left me this house, this view, some paintings, and these iron figures.

I didn’t read the book.  But I did see the musical Man of La Mancha, based on the novel,  many years ago, on Broadway.  We sat up front, my ex and I.  Close enough to see the sweat on the actor’s faces and catch every nuance. Thanks to technology, I am again listening at this moment to Richard Kiley singing “The Impossible Dream.”  So many years ago, late sixties probably, I watched him standing alone on the stage, an angular, tall old man with gray beard, leaning on a sword.  It was the finale.  The audience stood, many of us in tears.  Silence for several seconds, the applause that followed went on through three curtain calls.  We didn’t want to let go.

Never let go.  When you stop questing, what is left?

2 thoughts on “From My Kitchen Window

  1. Barbara, You have inspired me to consider writing someday. I have always thought I would love to be a writer, but never had the confidence to think of myself as being creative. This has been a banner year with two grandchildren being born and a wedding to look forward. Perhaps when things slow down I will make the time.

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    1. Hi Karen, I am so happy for you and know that you are an awesome grandma. I am writing because I have time on my hands, too much, and writing and art help me deal. I am glad I don’t have to work, and thankful. Being a widow and alone is challenging, but I know others in this situation, and we will make it. Enjoy this year, Karen. Keeping a diary and just making short entries now and then will help you later to remember the things you don’t want to forget…the little milestones with your grankids…wish I had done this with my children growing up…too busy!


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