Facing up to My Face

Dad would be proud of me, perhaps.  As he looks down through the skylight he would see me typing in the nook I have created in his kitchen where he faced the TV on the counter,  his back toward the window.  My back is to the counter now.  I have replaced the old foggy paned windows with a picture window by Anderson, that brings the outside in.  I see the curvy old cottonwoods still carrying last years leaves.   A  pond  about  six yards from my window captures the reflections of the trees as ducks slide along.  It is March 3.  Spring.

I used to share moments like this with my father and my husband.  Then I didn’t realize how precious they were…the moments and the men.  It seemed like I always wanted to be on the go, somewhere else…the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, some great new restaurant for dinner, restless me.

Today I registered for classes at the senior center.  One was a hiking class of difficult ability.  How difficult can it be if you must be over 55 to participate?  I looked at others in the room and couldn’t imagine many of them doing a five mile up hill climb.  But when I finally got to the registration table, the class was filled.  I am an alternate.  The gentleman in charge said that several would cancel because their families may come in town, or someone might get cancer or something.

I don’t want to dread getting old.  I dread getting old in spirit and in heart; the body is inevitable, and so sometimes the mind.  My husband was in the mid stages of Alzheimer’s when he passed last May of stroke.  He was a good kind man whose patience and example lead me to the Lord.  I hope to follow him, but not yet!!!!



2 thoughts on “Facing up to My Face

  1. When you commented on my post I thought to check out your blog, since I rarely get comments but I’m so glad I did! I loved every piece of this and actually read it twice haha… fantastic


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