Long ago I was born in New York and raised on Long Island.  I escaped in 1966 when I married a military man who moved me many places.  Currently I live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, in the house my father built 30 years ago when he finally had the wherewithal and means to escape Long Island. He lived happily ever after in the sunshine and has given me the opportunity to do the same.  Men and women of dad’s generation have moved on, but left a legacy that should never be ignored.  The Second World War was the event that shaped them, as I believe Vietnam shaped my generation.  Dad and his cronies came back heroes; sadly the young men I watched go off to Southeast Asia, who sacrificed as much as their fathers, did not come home to the glory they deserved.  The blame was on the politicians.  Not fair. But I want to share my dad, who I have fictionalized and exaggerated to create humor, but also to help me better understand him and the people of “the Greatest Generation.”  I think dad would support my effort.  My blog will alternate between my musings and my novel.  Thanks for reading!



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